Performance Testing

With software applications in ever-increasing demand, it has become even more important for software developers to ensure the viability of their product before it hits the market. Unaddressed software deficiencies and bugs can create consumer frustration and lead to costly follow-up measures and patches.

Software testing services that offer performance testing capabilities can be a valuable asset for software developing companies that wish to ensure the applications they are creating can handle the pressures of the demands they are meant to serve. However, finding a software testing service that can conduct this type of rigorous analysis with the speed and agility needed in the high-intensity field of software development can be a challenge.

For years, Ocellus has been a trusted provider of offshore software testing solutions to developers that need quick and thorough testing services. We make the most of our considerable resources to run our clients’ software through the rigors, identifying potential areas of weakness and offering clients the comprehensive information they need to ensure an effective product.

Allow Ocellus to conduct a wide range of performance testing on your behalf

Software and applications need to be tested in a variety of ways to ensure their reliability, usability and effectiveness. Ocellus can be an aid to software developers that need to verify the performance of their products by stepping in to provide the following testing services:

Endurance testing – Judging how long a software can perform under the stress of a specific load Load testing – Determining if a software is able to behave correctly when a specific expected load is applied Stress testing – Discovering how well a software can perform if more load is applied than would be normally expected.

These are just a few of the tests Ocellus can apply to determine how robust a piece of software or application is before developers send it to market. By applying this level of nuanced analysis to a product before release, developers guard against post-release headaches and unhappy end-users.

Benefit from the speed and quality of service offered by Ocellus

Developers have a number of options when selecting software testing services that offer robust performance testing, but the true challenge may be in finding a provider that works in concert with a developer’s changing testing needs. At Ocellus, our resources extend globally to offer clients an offshore testing solution that is both expansive and flexible.

We have testers working around the clock in key locations around the world, thus providing our clients with immediate and constant access to reputable software testing services. As a result, developers do not have to miss deadlines or extend their own resources to try to meet testing needs.

Instead, we work around the clock to test software alongside ongoing development, providing the type of agility needed in today’s demanding marketplace. All the while, Ocellus maintains its commitments to quality performance testing and secure services.

Make Ocellus a partner to serve your business’ software testing needs

In the changing world of software development, businesses require a partner that is capable of adjusting to new market realities and demands with ease. Ocellus is that asset for businesses around the globe, helping to catch software defects and issues before these challenges become more pressing problems.

We believe in the value of teamwork and collaboration, and at Ocellus, we aim to work within your team’s existing structures and systems. As a result, businesses that turn to Ocellus for outsourced software development enjoy the advantages of a partner that is committed to a high level of quality and service.