Automated Testing

What’s the value of automated testing? For developers who need to complete challenging application builds or create software for demanding clients, agile technology services that conduct manual testing processes automatically can improve productivity and protect against gaps in workflow.

In today’s commercial climate, consumers and businesses require more sophisticated applications than ever before, and developers need to ensure that the products they send to market are free from defects, bugs or the types of shortcomings that can lead to frustrated clients and tarnished corporate reputations.

At the same time, development companies are under pressure to deliver these products to the market quicker than ever, requiring the support of a testing provider that offers agile and speedy testing services.

At Ocellus, we provide a testing framework that conducts effective automated testing, backed by a supportive staff of overseas testers that work round-the-clock on clients’ testing requests. As a result, businesses that turn to Ocellus can be confident that the product they send to market has been tested thoroughly, all within their desire production timeline.

Checking software for defects within a time-frame that works for you

Ocellus has the resources in place to help clients avoid common challenges faced during the application development stage. We focus on vetting software and applications carefully to maximize productivity and lower the risk of improperly evaluated software. However, we understand the need for agile testing services that can also minimize the time spent conducting this type of analysis.

Reports suggest software testing can represent, on average, between 70 and 80 percent of the work performed by software engineers, with the average defect taking in the neighborhood of 17 hours to fix. That amount of time suggests a significant investment in the development of company resources, which is why outsourcing automated testing to an offshore software testing firm can be a valuable asset for busy developers.

Providing clients with a variety of agile testing services

Given the ever-advancing nature of software development, it is important for professionals within this industry to work with a provider of offshore software testing that offers a wide range of tools and capabilities. At Ocellus, we pride ourselves on the diverse nature of our automated testing services, which ensures that we have a solution for any development quandary.

Contact Ocellus today to learn how our full-build approach to automated testing offers our clients access to unit testing, functional testing and regression testing – each of which is an important element to analyze within the development stage.

Making Ocellus a long-term partner for outsourcing testing services

Ultimately, at Ocellus we have made a commitment to work in tandem with busy software development companies that require sophisticated tools to ensure the effectiveness and performance of their products. We consider ourselves a partner to each client, and we seek to deliver businesses with a dedicated level of support and technical expertise no matter what their needs.

We offer a wide range of performance testing services, providing clients with access to a skilled team of offshore software testing professionals experienced in load testing, stress testing, endurance testing and other important types of software analysis.

Similarly, we stay on the cutting edge of industry developments and trends to ensure that the service we offer is suited for the new technologies and strategies deployed by our clients. Ocellus is a premier provider of mobile application testing, and we can offer businesses with other important analyzation tools.

Businesses turn to Ocellus again and again for our agile testing services. Learn today how we can add value in a long-term partnership with your software development company.