Mobile Application Testing

More businesses seek software development services each day, and if there is any area of technology that has seen more demand than others, it would be the mobile technology sector. Data published in 2010 by the International Data Corporation (IDC) forecast the number of downloaded mobile applications to increase from 10.9 billion worldwide to 76.9 billion by 2014.

That increasing demand will only increase revenues for businesses that create and develop mobile applications. Revenues in the mobile application development industry were expected to surpass $35 billion in 2014.

What do these figures mean for mobile application developers? Simply put, these professionals will increasingly require robust mobile application testing services to ensure that the applications they create can handle the activity and pressures applied by an increasingly fervent audience.

At Ocellus, we specialize in delivering comprehensive mobile application testing to help verify the quality of the applications produced by leading development firms. With Ocellus at your side, deploying our proven agile testing methodology, your business can secure the solutions needed to build confidence in your products.

How poorly tested mobile applications can effectively kill demand

The numbers are clear: more consumers and businesses than ever are interested in mobile applications, which can help increase productivity, entertainment and connectivity while individuals are on the go. In 2011, the United Kingdom mobility service Canalys predicted app store revenues from mobile devices to reach $36.7 billion in 2015, which would represent a significant rise from the $7.3 billion in revenues reported in 2011.

Businesses with intriguing and effective apps can benefit greatly from this projected increase – unless their mobile applications are riddled with bugs or suffer from fundamental shortcomings or failures. In today’s fickle world, app developers could quickly see their product discarded by frustrated consumers if its performance does not meet expectations.

Take advantage of the Ocellus difference

At Ocellus, we help clients stave off these difficulties by providing some of the industry’s most comprehensive and agile testing services. Our resources include a support staff of overseas software testers that are able to work around the clock to ensure the quality of our clients’ products.

We perform thorough analysis, including regression testing, performance testing and load and stress testing, to put our clients’ products through the rigors before they reach the market. In addition, our services can be performed alongside the development process, ensuring clients do not need to drop everything to verify the quality of their products. Instead, we help ensure our customers are putting out a quality product on a schedule that meets their demanding needs.

Make Ocellus your partner for agile testing services

Ocellus is a solution for software development companies looking to make significant inroads and expansion within the mobile application development market, as we work alongside these businesses’ development schedules. Our agile testing services can also be applied to businesses creating non-mobile application, meaning developers of all kinds can benefit from a partnership with Ocellus.

We connect clients in this competitive vertical with automated testing services that can be customized to the individual needs of a particular development company. Most of all, we seek to provide our clients with a critical lifeline in their efforts to shorten software testing times, increase their own productivity and lower their exposure to significant risk.

Discover today how a partnership with Ocellus can help your business solidify its software development practices and protect the quality of your products.