E-Commerce Solutions

Ocellus created the PunchCart™ e-Procurement Gateway by assisting several Fortune 500 companies with the integration of their procurement systems and supplier commerce systems.

Who uses PunchCart™?

PunchCart™ automates complex systems and increases efficiencies by moving manual tasks previously performed by back-end office staff to the web where customers have access to real-time data. PunchCart™ facilitates improved business-to-business commerce between buyers and suppliers by reducing procurement and fulfillment costs. The electronic routing and approval of orders streamlines business processes and creates new efficiencies that lead to significant cost savings.

PunchCart™ in a Nutshell

PunchCart™ provides buyers with secure access to a supplier’s online store through their existing procurement system. Every situation is unique, but PunchCart™ essentially works like this:

  • The buyer uses the supplier’s web site to search and select items for purchase by adding them to a shopping cart.
  • The shopping cart content (full of selected items) is sent in real-time to the buyer’s procurement application (Ariba, CommerceOne, SAP, etc.).
  • The procurement system converts the shopping cart into a requisition.
  • The requisition is entered into workflow (processed and approved), and then converted into a formal Purchase Order.
  • The approved Purchase Order is sent to the supplier for procurement of selected items.