Application Maintenance

Outsourcing your application maintenance needs can improve availability, uptime, and support, and also reduce total cost of ownership. Today’s business environment demands that the best companies stay one step ahead of their competition.

If your organization is spending too much time addressing software defects, implementing enhancements, and performing routine maintenance (backups, patches, etc.) you may not be dedicating enough time to more important revenue-generating initiatives. There are a number of reason why maintaining business applications can be such a burden to IT organizations, including a limited IT budget and logistical challenges associated with supporting obsolete technology.

Ocellus has the tools, process, and measurements to ensure optimum performance of your business applications. We will maintain your custom software, provide you with innovative tools to help track and prioritize your needs, and – once defined and approved – we will methodically repair and enhance your business application.

With Ocellus as your trusted application maintenance partner, you will have instant access to a dependable and skilled technology specialists who will maintain and support your business applications so that you can focus on your business.

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By working closely with our clients, we will ensure these issues do not go unnoticed. Ocellus’ agile development process can reduce business risks by integrating real-time feedback into its development operations. Our releases are simpler and more frequent, making it easier to receive relevant feedback. This helps ensure a stronger finished product that is not at risk of failing a client’s expectations.

Ocellus moves projects forward with timely testing and development.

Application Maintenance Services

  • Issue identification and tracking
  • Modification analysis
  • Modification implementation
  • Modification review/acceptance
  • Migration
  • Software retirement (sunsetting)