Development Services

Productivity is sought after by executives in every type of business, and at a time when technology is improving the way employees accomplish tasks, business leaders often turn to IT investments to achieve better productivity.

Well-developed business applications can be crucial assets for companies that wish to get more out of existing workers. For example, a 2012 study from Gartner, an IT research firm, showed that company executives would not let economic concerns stop them from implementing new technology in the workplace. In fact, while 85 percent of CEOs said they believe their business will be affected in some way by economic difficulties, executives are considering increasing their IT budgets by a 2-to-1 ratio.

Given that reality, it is clear that businesses value the benefits of IT application development. However, connecting with the most reliable provider of application development can be another challenge, as not all developers are equipped with the right skill sets and technology to deliver on this demand.

Rely on Ocellus for leading application development services

Outsourcing application development to a trusted provider that also offers performance testing capabilities can be the best way to secure the most effective business applications. At Ocellus, we have connected clients in a wide variety of industries with the tailored business applications they need to improve workplace productivity and even increase profitability.

Ocellus understands how to make businesses faster, more responsive and efficient through the implementation of leading business applications. We have developed these programs for major corporate enterprises and e-commerce businesses alike, and our breadth of experience is one asset that works in our clients’ favor.

We can develop new business applications from the ground-up or re-engineer existing applications to make them more suitable for the clients’ needs. Web-enabled legacy systems can be adjusted to become compatible with newer technologies, and our proven application development process leads to a smooth transition to new technology.

Through agile software development, gain quality and security

How is Ocellus able to deliver effective business applications that maximize customer satisfaction on short production windows? The secret is in our agile development approach, which implements smaller developments in quick, frequent releases. We develop business applications alongside an efficient performance testing and continuous integration strategy, unlocking new benefits for our clients one at a time.

Additionally, we are a global application development company, meaning that we work round-the-clock to achieve business improvements for our clients. While your staff may be done working for the day, ours is continuously making improvements and advancements on your new custom application development project.

Make Ocellus a partner in application development and testing

Ocellus has added value to corporations around the globe that seek effective business applications to improve productivity and work quality. At the same time, our level of skill and experience within the industry has made us a trusted partner for other application developers as well, many of whom rely on our automated testing tools to improve their own software development.

Quality assurance is a cornerstone to our own application development practices, and we help other developers improve this element of their own business by performing application performance testing on their behalf.

Whether they are businesses focused on improving their bottom line or software developing companies in need of the very best testing services, clients can turn to Ocellus to provide access to the industry’s best tools and service. Our focus is on quality and security, and clients that work with Ocellus benefit from each.