Ocellus prides itself on the talent we hire and offer to our customers. We are an American-owned and operated offshore services provider with our own facilities and skilled employees.

The core of the Ocellus service philosophy is teamwork. Our development centres are Ocellus-owned and operated facilities that employ technology specialists, quality assurance testers and project managers. These skilled individuals have been carefully screened and selected to represent and build our organization. Ocellus will bring just the right mix of resources to achieve your short and long term goals. At Ocellus, we pride ourselves on the talent we hire and offer to our customers.

Our team members approach each project with dedication, responsibility and personal pride. They consider themselves not only as task accomplishers, but as success contributors. Ocellus has developed a culture of teamwork where knowledge is transferred and shared among team members while adhering to our information security policy. This has proven to build strong, self-sustaining and reliable teams.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Secure Collaboration Portals and Logs
  • Daily Status Reporting

Most of all, Ocellus knows how to become part of a team. Part of your team. The Ocellus core philosophy of teamwork, along with our proven methodologies, bridge the geological and time-zone gaps creating one united virtual team. Ocellus will maintain active and constant collaboration with you using a variety of communication channels and technologies.