We adhere to widely recognized auditing and reporting standards to insure that we have adequate security controls and safeguards in place when hosting or processing our customer’s data.

Ocellus adheres to widely recognized auditing and reporting standards, SAS 70 and SSAE 16, that are specifically designed for organizations that provide outsourcing services. These auditing standards help show transparency to our clients that we have substantial security controls and safeguards in place when we host or process data belonging to our customers. These regular audits ensure that we have been through an in-depth audit of our control environment.

We also have the ability to provide additional infrastructure and security controls to meet your specific standards and specifications.

Reasons to Choose Ocellus

  • Experts in providing software services
  • Specialization, expertise, and experience in quality assurance testing
  • SAS 70 audited processes and security
  • A thorough understanding of best practices across numerous industries
  • A commitment to confidentiality
  • Extensive partner and manager involvement
  • High continuity of staff due to low turnover
  • More expertise = more efficiency = fair and reasonable fees